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Clifton is a neighborhood for college kids and the rich. A blend of ethnic restaurants, funky stores, urban grocers, and down right stunning mansions, Clifton is a neighborhood built in the hills of Cincinnati, 2 miles north of downtown and is near the University of Cincinnati. Once the rich suburb of Cincinnati, the now wonderful neighborhood is famous for its gas lamps, housing of every architectural style, and variety of people. Ethiopians, Germans, Egyptians, Greeks, Thai, and almost all cultural groups represent the wonderful shops and restaurants of Clifton. Mt. Storm Park is one of the better city parks while Ludlow Gaslamp District is one of the city's most funky commercial streets. Large apartment buildings, condo towers, and town homes line the tree-lined streets while an art theater and Burnett Woods attracts the youth. With a mixture of class and diversity, Clifton is a jewel of the city.

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